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Car Wrecks

If your case does not require a lawsuit, it can usually be handled soon after your treatment is completed.  If a lawsuit is required it takes longer.  It is important you begin any relationship with honesty, and we are available for questions.  Most of the time a lawsuit is not required, but when an insurance company refuses to give you a decent offer you must take it to court.  Before you select a personal injury or car wreck attorney, make sure they have the experience and willingness to get your case through court.  Make sure you can talk to the boss.

Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies due to the neglect of another, it is always a tragic event. The last thing that you want to worry about is financial problems. You should be able to hold the person who took your loved one away from you accountable for their neglect or wrongdoing. Here at Bowman & Lewis, we can help you get compensated for your loss.  When a wrongful death happens, you can bet that the insurance company is already preparing to dodge your claim. It is important that you find an attorney quickly that will aggressively fight to protect your rights.

Truck Wrecks

Big rigs and other large commercial vehicles often cause serious injury and even death to innocent drivers. Because of the tight industry requirements, some truck drivers engage in dangerous behavior to meet their deadlines. This puts other drivers at great risk.  What your attorney knows or does not know can majorly impact your cases.  Truck cases require aggressive tactics.  You need representation from a firm who is prepared to do what is needed fast.  Federal law only requires trucking companies “preserve” the wrecked vehicle for a limited amount of time.  What else matters?

Brain Injuries

Brain injury cases can be very difficult. The legal system, medical professionals, hospitals, and insurance companies can make it almost impossible for victims of brain injuries to obtain compensation without help from a qualified and diligent attorney. When another person’s negligence has caused you or a family member a traumatic brain injury, it is important to move fast. By allowing Bowman & Lewis to work on your case, you can focus on healing and getting better, while we focus on getting you the money you deserve. We are Arkansas brain injury attorneys.

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