Dog Bites

Dogs are often an important part of many people’s families. They offer companionship, loyalty, and friendship. Some owners, however, do not properly train or supervise their dogs, and they negligently allow them to roam free. Some even abuse their dogs, causing them to terrorize people they view as a threat. Many times, these dogs are aggressive, attacking innocent people. Dogs such as Pitbulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Chows, and Akitas are powerful, and they can easily injure people and young children when not trained properly. Often, their owners knew or should have known that they were aggressive, but they took no action to prevent harm to innocent people.

Attorneys at Bowman & Lewis know the law surrounding dog bite cases, and they have experience dealing with the insurance companies that often defend them. These dog bites can cause serious injury, scars, and emotional distress, and Bowman & Lewis will work hard to ensure that you are compensated for your loss. As Arkansas dog-bite lawyers, we have the ability to honestly and quickly assess your case to determine its potential value. Remember, the insurance adjusters are not on your side; you need an attorney to protect your rights. You must move fast in these cases, so contact Bowman & Lewis today at (888) 674-5327 for your initial free consultation.