Mass Torts

Have you been injured by a defective product? Often times, corporations do something that harms a large amount of people. Corporations have a lot of money, and it can often be hard to get compensated because of their deep pockets. By joining a mass tort lawsuit, normal people can seek justice and compensation when a major corporation has put out a dangerous product or exposed the public or employees to injury.  Our firm has the resources, relationships, technology, and experience to pursue these claims.  These are complicated cases that require serious attorneys.

There is definitely strength in numbers. A mass tort lawsuit allows a large number of people to join together to hold corporations accountable for their negligent actions. If you have been seriously injured by a defective product, medical device, medical drugs, or been exposed to hazardous materials, you must act fast. Contact Bowman & Lewis at (888) 674-5327 now for your free initial case evaluation and consultation. We are Arkansas mass tort attorneys.